May 25, 2021

Dear valued customers and associates,

As we continue to make progress in California with less COVID-19 cases, we are eager to serve you with our top of the line service that is fully compliant with all regulations and procedures set in place by the local authorities to a faster and safer reopening.

One Stop Leasing Inc has always had a reputation for clean and sanitary portable trailers in many industries such as the movie, commercial, construction, and private industries. To a certain degree, not much has changed for us, as we have always implemented the highest level of cleaning and attention to detail. We abide by all federal and state regulations, and are members of the PSAI that regulates and sets guidelines for proper sanitary precautions, especially in this time of pandemic. WE ARE 100% CERTIFIED COVID COMPLIANT at every location we provide our restrooms. We assure you that all of our luxury and standard portable trailers are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected prior to delivery. We are paying special attention to high contact areas such as handrails, doors handle, faucets, countertops, and dispensers. All employee’s and drivers have been trained to ensure a CONTACT-LESS delivery and pickup. Taking these precautions and additional steps have allowed us to avoid encountering the COVID-19 virus and providing you a sanitary and luxurious experience.

We have also invested in making sure each one of our trailers has been upgraded to a TOUCH-LESS Interior with hands free sink, soap, and toilet. This will facilitate the comfortable and safe use inside of our units.

As we learn to adapt to this new normal, all feedback and questions are welcomed so that you and your guest are guaranteed 100% safety at your event. Special accommodations, payment related questions, or safety precaution questions can be answered 24/7 by our health and safety department at (909)-333-2700.

As an essential, family owned business, our service personnel have worked tirelessly to ensure that each customer and job site receives the best resources we can offer during times in which critical supplies are short and need is great.


Bryan Zarate
Vice President