Luxury ADA + II

A Handicap-Accessible Portable Restroom Trailer Designed with Luxury Features

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Luxury ADA+II Portable Restroom is an ADA (American Disabilities Act), compliant portable restroom trailer built to accommodate disabled guests by wheelchair access, and railings in the interior for additional support.

  • Requires Electrical Connection (20 amps)
  • Connection to Hose (Recommended)
  • Steps and Hand Rails
  • 3 Private Doors (Men + Women’s + ADA Room)
  • Flush-able Toilet and Sink
  • Lowers Completely to Ground (ADA Ramp)
  • 30-45 Minute Setup


This luxury ADA Portable Restroom has an interior like no other on the market. The interior is elegant and accommodates any large special event that requires ADA Compliance.

  • Custom Glass Tile Design
  • Luxury Faucet and Sink
  • Air Conditioning
  • Custom Lighting
  • Fully Stocked Toiletries
  • Spacious Comfort
Comfort Elite Usage Chart


The use chart for this luxury portable restroom is specific to this model of trailers. Please be sure to know that each number in the chart represents one private room of a luxury trailer. If your event needs 3 restrooms, you would need a Luxury III room or an ADA Model for 3 private doors. 

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