The VIP 4 Room Restroom trailer is a perfect option for any large outdoor or special event. This restroom is a unique, self-sustained, and elegant restroom trailer featuring two men’s and two women’s rooms or can be customized to provide four Unisex stalls for shorter wait lines. Each stall has a solar powered battery and is automatically activated when a person steps in and locks the door, for efficient use.The restroom trailer allows for easy access and usability as well as an easy set-up.

VIP 4 Room dimensions to drive it in and for set-up:

Drive In: Width:8 ft; Height: 9 ft (gates, driveways, warehouses, etc.)

Set-Up: Length 23 ft; Width 8 ft; Height 9 ft

  • Four individual stalls
  • Fixed Entry Platform with Hand Rails
  • Occupancy Indicators

  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Flushable Toilets
  • Mirrors / Lighting
  • Hand Towels / Toilet Paper / Seat Covers
  • Soap dispenser
  • 125+ Flushes